Plant-/Device construction for biotech and pharmaceutical industry

  • wetted materials: 1.4404, 1.4435, PEEK, PTFE, u.v.m.
  • Surface roughness up to Ra<=0,25µm, elektro-polished (wetted piping)
  • complete, universal traceability of materials and processes
  • TÜV-proven welders, processes and devices
  • TÜV-proven material traceability (EN10204/3.1)
  • Welding documentation (acc. to FDA 21 CFR Part 11)
  • FDA-/USP VI-conformity
  • Boroscopy of inner welding seams down to 4mm diameter
  • Measurement of surface roughness and delta-Ferrit level
  • GMP-compliant documentation
  • CAD-Design (3D-/2D-CAD), mechanical manufacturing
  • Wiring diagrams (Electro-CAD), electrical wiring
  • Parametering, visualization and automation (Mini-SPS)
  • Qualification, tests
When introducing our manufacturing of customized devices we consciously resign providing reference photos.
This is done due to confidentiality towards our customers, because publishing further pictures could deliver insight into their innovative process technology e.g. of medical/pharmaceutical industry/biotechnology or their products like medicines, drugs or vaccines. It is essential to protect this.
Hence we ask you to get into contact with us, if you are of the mind that we would be your adequate partner. Only in this way, is it possible for you to get a sufficient, own impression of us.